Artist Statement

I seek to explore the relationships of people and their natural environments, whether a sunny day at the beach, an autumn stroll through an historical downtown, or a morning soak in the tub. Simple moments with people I love are my most enduring memories. These are the moments I wish to share with the world.


Stylistically, I have always been drawn to classical realism. However, I also have a great appreciation for the concept of “truth to the medium”. The truth of my medium is that I am using paint to represent something I’ve seen and felt. While I strive to be very convincing in my representation, I also want to juxtapose it with the reality that it is not a photograph, it is, in fact, paint. Moreover, that paint was applied in layers with a brush over weeks and sometimes months. I try to let my finished paintings tell the story of my artistic process. I think of it as classical realism with a modern twist.  


As a painter, I love creating illusions… as an artist, I love breaking them.