The Materials I Use

This page is for any tips/tricks/reviews I may have for art related materials. I will be updating as I think of anything that may be useful to you. Please feel free to email any questions you may have. I will answer as best I can!

My Studio Easel- Klopfenstein Spectrum KS100 Easel

Click the link to Blick Art Materials. Search item "50317-1000"


I bought this easel in 2003 (I was 20!), because I wanted something sturdier for large studio pieces than the French easel I bought the summer prior.  It came highly recommended as the easel my mentor used in her studio. I have replaced, re-thought, and otherwise changed almost everything in my studio since then... except this easel. The heavy-duty steel construction doesn't jiggle as you paint, and it's very easy to make adjustments to the height and anlge without removing your canvas. It has  stood up to the abuse of daily use and many moving trucks... and still everything works like the day a bought it. I can't say the same for any wooden easel I've owned.

Click the link to Blick Art Materials. Search item "50218-0000"


This is my French easel (for painting outside the studio). It doesn't see much action these days, and it hasn't stood up quite as well to the abuse I've put it through, but it's much easier hiking with a 14lb wooden easel than a 40lb steel easel.